work hard and play hard

Creating a space where children can be creative and explore their imagination is just as important as having a space for them to be independent. You give them the tools, they do the rest. Isn't that what parents do?  

This room was to double up as a play area and a homework area so we created a couple of awesome features to go hand in hand with this:
1. Wall painted in chalk paint – it can be used for drawing & doing homework in a fun way!
2. The desks are made from doors on trestles - they can be drawn on, cut on and glued on plus they are inexpensive and provide a large flat surface for any project.  
3. A TV area for relaxing was incorporated along with bean bags. A fun rug, created from old sarees was used to add some playful colour.  
4. Additional storage was added so that all stationary and craft items could be packed away neatly.