At Ground Floor Interiors we love working in a contemporary style, and try to embrace trends and even inspire new innovative ones. We welcome creative challenges from clients that wish to work in other styles as well. Design is a not merely a profession, it is a way of life — and being a designer is not about what we are, it is about who we are. 

Ground Floor Interiors was established in January 2010, by Interior Designers Dale Dennis and Yolande Kruger, specialising in Interior Design, providing CAD layouts including all fixed finishes, bathroom layouts, electrical and lighting layouts, as well as furniture layouts, curtains, blinds and accessories. We also have qualifications in professional project management. We basically provide a full turn-key design service, guiding the client all the way through the design, implementation, and completion process. We provide a memorable service rather than a quick sale. 

With fifteen years of industry experience we are now in full swing with Interior Design on the North Coast, and have been working on the North Coast for the past six years. We provide our clients with a combination of fresh ideas and one-on-one consultation and have a penchant for creative challenges. 

We have Just recently opened up in Cape Town! For any projects in Cape Town be sure to contact us via the contact us page on our website , and we will arrange to come and meet with you ! Justin is our main man in the Cape !

We are now also working extensively in Gauteng, and either Dale, Yolande or Justin will be able to meet with you to discuss any project requirements .

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"Design is not merely a profession, it is a way of life..."

About Dale Dennis (B-Tech Interior Design)

I obtained my Diploma in Interior Design from Pretoria Technikon at the end of 2003. During that time I completed my in-service training at Lionel Levin and Partners. 

I went on to qualify for my B-Tech in Interior Design and during this time I was offered opportunities to complete small jobs through other companies. I did this over two years and qualified at the end of 2005. 

At the end of 2004 I was hired full-time as an Interior Designer while I finished my B-Tech.

I was employed by an Interior Design company for five years, and for three of those years I served as the Head Interior Designer (2005 -2009). During this time I also attended Varsity College and received a Diploma for Project Management. 

In January 2010, along with my business partner, I started Ground Floor Interiors. We have completed a number of residential projects in KZN as well as a few office spaces and a restaurant in the Pavilion shopping centre. We are currently working on projects in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

I have an incredible respect for the design industry and just love design: it is my life and cannot imagine doing anything else. 

I am inspired by education in the field and welcome some fresh, educated, healthy completion; hence I have in the past lectured part time at a reputable design college in Durban. 

“I Have an incredible respect for the design industry is my life.”