Many people confuse designers and fine artists, although everyone is unique, and we shouldn’t generalise.

Designers do need to have a sense of creativity, but generally are confused with being artsy airheads that just have a sense of creative style and “hope for the best”. In fact designers are rather analytical people and are tasked with coming up with creative, calculated solutions for design problems.

Designers are trained; they usually study for at least 3 years, and have knowledge on CAD, theory of materials and a vast amount of theoretical subjects such as history of architecture and furniture design. The theory enables the designer to back up their practical and technical knowledge. A good designer will never just guess, they will do the relevant research on a specific product before they specify it in a client’s space “just because it looks nice”, rarely will you find a designer that will just guess that a furniture piece will fit in a space – we always measure, and focus on the entire 3 dimensional space.

Artistic flamboyant folk are generally concerned with how something looks, whereas design is more focused on how something works.

Most of the interior designers that I know are practical people that thrive on planning and are far from being flamboyant, although every person in every profession is unique, you may find a boring designer or a flamboyant farmer, at the end of the day a designer should be judged on their skill.

“Good Art Is a Talent. Good Design Is a Skill.”