Interior Design Trends

International design trends are moving away from mass produced and cataloged items, and a love for one of a kind, personalized products have emerged.  Quality is expected by the consumer, if the recent recession brought along one good thing, it was to encourage the retailer to step it up and make sure their product or service is up to standard.  A new pride in supplying a well designed product has been established, it is more important than advertising thousands of “machine moulded” items for the sake of selling.

The new design trend for the future is most definitely going local, by supporting your local markets or antique shops that “special piece” can be found to personalize your space.

Recycle and re-use is the taking the design world by storm. Leading fabric houses are now supplying “green” fabrics, by using recycled plastic bottles and car tires, wonderful upholstery fabrics and outdoor rugs are now being used.  Re-using furniture pieces is quite common, by re-upholstering or re-spraying key pieces a new look can easily be achieved. It is always a good idea to keep your big furniture pieces neutral, not just for economical reasons, but it is easier to follow the latest trends that way. Splashes of colour can be incorporated by using scatter cushions, accessories and art, your look and feel can change drastically by changing these smaller items frequently.

Colour will always be “current” in our country, with all the cultural diversity and South African landscape as influences, one cannot go wrong.  Coral colours are used often these days with no rule as to what goes with what. The only trick is to use your colours in the same tones.  Whites and neutrals are used to balance your spaces and allow it to breathe. Keep an eye on fashion trends, colours and prints for interiors are mostly influenced by “what’s on the runway”.  For a timeless look, especially at the coast, blues and greens can be used in abundance; we don’t see these colour ways ever dating, whites and neutrals can again be introduced, if you want to give it that modern twist, different shades of grey can be used in wall & floor colours.

Prints are so hot right now… they are being combined with no limitations.  Geometric designs are seen all over from fabrics to wallpapers, stripes will always have their place; and botanical prints are still being used in different styles to achieve desired affects.  Typography has been around for a while and is not going anywhere soon. It’s again being used in all interior media, it is easily achievable, if you were to look for alternative ways (other than fabrics and wallpapers), by simply playing around on your computer you can create interesting prints by combining different fonts and sizes. These days one can print on almost anything, so you can create your own lamp shade or art canvas.

When it comes to designing or redoing a space, think outside the box, don’t be scared and make it an enjoyable experience. As we always advise our clients: “no one else lives in the space, but you” so whatever you feel comfortable with, goes!!!

Top tips:

  1. Local is best
  2. Recycle and re use
  3. Go green (optimize natural light, rain water harvesting & insulation can go a long way)
  4. Combine textures, colours and prints
  5. Retro and industrial elements are a must
  6. Use of old and new
  7. Flow of exterior and interior spaces
  8. Don’t settle for sub standard productsGet informed
  9. Take your time

Dale Dennis (B-Tech Interior Design, TUT)