Interior Design Myth #6

Myth #6: As long as my space is trendy, it will look amazing...

This is another one of many myths about the interior design and decor field, over the following few months I will be discussing, and hopefully dispelling these:

  • Interior design myth #1 – There is no difference between interior designers and interior decorators.
  • Interior design myth #2 – I can’t afford an interior designer.
  • Interior Design myth#3 – My home will look like your style, and wont reflect my personality.
  • Interior design myth#4 – I can do it myself, I see it on TV all the time.
  • Interior design myth #5 – I can get free designer advice in a salon or shop.
  • Interior design myth#6 – Good design is trendy
  • Interior design myth #7 – Interior designers are “artsy weirdoes”.
  • Interior design myth #8 – Even if I don’t like the design, I will still have to pay.

The word Trendy implies exactly careful.

One must always remember that trends have a shelf life, what is in today might be out tomorrow, and when spending hard earned money on your interior space, one always wants get something that will last and that you will like. So my advice is to get something that has classic appeal and will remain relevant for a long period of time, good interior design satisfies the needs of the person using the space.

Generally it is safe to use a neutral colour palette and furniture that will remain relevant, and is of good quality. The smaller items such as occasional furniture and accessories are generally less expensive, and can be trendy as they can be replaced when you tire of them. One should also remember that going with a cool trend will possibly only work if you are cool, an interior space needs to reflect the person who inhabits it. My mother as an example more than likely wouldn’t have a contemporary retro vibe in her space, as she has Victorian taste and if she was convinced to spend money trying to convert her space into that look and feel, because she was convinced to do so by somebody else (or the trend following masses), she would more than likely hate the space in a short period of time.

So a good idea would be to stay true to your own style aesthetic, and experiment with trends in the smaller aspects, perhaps you really love the trend and to you it becomes “classic”, then go with it.

When dealing with a qualified interior designer, they should guide you in terms of classic finishes and furnishings, and after a meeting with you and determination of your style, be able to assist you in making decisions relevant to your wants and needs, but also staying true to the architectural style of the building and classic design principles.

 “Also, remember that “good taste” describes how you evaluate your meal; it is not a qualification for being a professional interior designer.” Caren S Martin (
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 Dale Dennis (B-Tech Interior design TUT)