Interior Design Myth #4

Myth #4: I can do it myself, I see it on TV all the time!

This is one of many myths about the interior design and decor field, over the following few months I will be discussing, and hopefully dispelling these:

  • Interior design myth #1 – There is no difference between interior designers and interior decorators.
  • Interior design myth #2 – I can’t afford an interior designer.
  • Interior Design myth#3 – My home will look like your style, and wont reflect my personality.
  • Interior design myth#4 – I can do it myself, I see it on TV all the time.
  • Interior design myth #5 – I can get free designer advice in a salon or shop.
  • Interior design myth#6 – Good design is trendy
  • Interior design myth #7 – Interior designers are “artsy weirdoes”.
  • Interior design myth #8 – Even if I don’t like the design, I will still have to pay.

You more than likely could do it yourself, however there are a few points to remember:

When these TV shows are produced a lot of planning goes into the project before hand, and remember even on these shows they have a team of professionals working on the project, if not directly for the audience to see, definitely behind the scenes. These shows also have sponsors, so in these instances clients budgets are no issue.  

That wonderful moment when the client says OMG! I love it (or secretly hates it – but can’t complain because it was done for free), is not what working with an interior designer is all about, the client should always be along for the journey making decisions hand in hand with the professional that is guiding them through the process. There should never be a “surprise!” whether it is good or bad.

It is also delusional to think that an entire house or room can be completely renovated in 1 day or even a week; stripping, rubble removal, electrical, plumbing, painting and new furnishings – there is in actual fact a proper timeline that should be followed to allow for quality work, there is no point going through this process if whatever you achieve has no longevity.

Are you aware that natural fibres move in coastal conditions? Your curtains will hang on the floor today, and tomorrow they will be up in the air? So perhaps using linen curtains isn’t a great idea for a beachside apartment, doing it yourself comes with a lot of risks like this if you are not well informed.

This is not to say that you cannot do it yourself, if you are inspired by design promoted by these shows that is GREAT, it is wonderful that more of the masses are becoming design aware, but just make sure that you conduct your research, do proper planning and be realistic about your projects timeline to ensure you end up with a quality, functional space at the end of it all.

1 month project - Before

1 month project - Before

1 month project - After

1 month project - After

 Dale Dennis (B-Tech Interior design TUT)